Ordinary Folks

by Borders

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released 05 April 2014

Written/recorded/performed by Borders. Additional vocals by Tyler Burrows. Artwork by Andrew Engdahl



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Borders La Crosse, Wisconsin

Borders is a four-piece alternative rock band from La Crosse, Wisconsin. Borders is packed with driven vocals, percussive rhythms, and snaking guitars evoke the spirit of rock. Please like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter etc. WE LOVE TO MEET NEW FRIENDS!

For fans of Circa Survive, The Used, Sleeping With Sirens
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Track Name: Mountainville
How to start? Innocent
Like a gentleman, we love to say goodbye
But it never meant
Love to make up why
And the heart is like a chest
Who can open it when only with a lie we untangle it?
Only you and I

But say so we're more than throwing stones and promisory notes
And stay so we're more than dried up bones and ordinary folks

These bones don't tell me how I live
And if you see a weary man that you can hardly understand
Then you don't know where I've been

You know our love is like a song
Let me take you on
You don't know how I feel you now
Being this close with anyone
We're on a roll, don't let me down
But I won't give up on you
So let me take you on
'Cause your love is like a song

I used to be a lesser man
A broken tongue, an avalanche
I used to be a lesser man
Now my foundation holds
Track Name: Passengers
I've seen your face in my dreams
The sight of skin alone
Sight unseen
And where we go
No one knows
Hard to say I'm anyone you'd ever want to know

There's something in the darkness
Out there waiting in the rain
Despite my own admission
And the nothing from where I came
But I need you here like water in the night
They're holding out for something it's time for me to fight

We're all on the water
And rowing to nowhere on a sea of dissension

I am the poster child of nothing
We're begging for answers
Chasing the whispers, hiding from monsters
You mean so much more than I could ever make you see
You mean so much more than I could ever hope to be
Track Name: Automatica
Make me a tavern of ethanol seas
A hook in the darkness or shirt full of D's
Am I just a body devoid of a soul?
No chance to be well or hope to be whole

Is anyone waiting to see if I turn out interesting?
"Hello, how are you?" are such ignorant sounds
This is not my crowd
Not my town

Look around, fatal friends
These people don't care
These people don't hear the simplest cry
Who am I?
I don't want to be here
I'd rather be anything else but a lie

I know now this is what you are
My hand is on the wall and I feel fine
Track Name: Cadillac Pontiac
So we're old enough to know that no one has all of the answers
To keep my head above the ground
And wait!
Don't pick up the phone 'cause nobody has to know
Nobody has to know

I was young and misfit
You were the song that I sung
And the best of intentions couldn't matter 'cause we were young

Could feel it in her eyes
And bring me to the floor
Hold around her neck
Could bring me back for more
But I've heard it said that all alone we were fine
And we're doing fine

We're old enough
Track Name: The Matador
Hello, Fellow man
Are you wandering today
Is like an hourglass
Can you bring a song that you believe?

Hello, Fellow man
Are you looking for the land on a barren sea?
Riding on the waves of make believe
You need no drug to make you clean
The light is simple on St. Augustine

You need no drug to burn inside
No chemical bringing you to life
So like a ghost: ethereal, unnatural
You're not alive
So stay awake to hide your bride
A parasite we keep inside
Raise your head and call to arms
A silent prayer, a broken star

The matador and bull
Red is a color of pride
Red is a favorite of mine